Reduce Harmful Minerals From Your Water

Take advantage of a whole-house water conditioner in Burnaby, Vancouver, BC & surrounding areas

Even if your water is treated before it enters your home, it can still be full of contaminants. Aerus of Burnaby, BC can install a whole-house water conditioner to give you cleaner water from every fixture.

Our water conditioners reduce minerals from your water before it enters your main plumbing system. From your pipes and appliances to your sinks and shower, your entire house will use cleaner, softer water. Set up a whole-house water conditioner installation by calling our Burnaby, BC location today.

Why is hard water a bad thing?

Why is hard water a bad thing?

Maybe your water looks, smells and tastes fine. That doesn't mean it isn't causing you problems. A buildup of heavy minerals in your water can...

  • Collect in your pipes and appliances, causing damage and reducing their lifespan
  • Leave marks on household surfaces, including sinks, faucets, dishes and tile
  • Cause clothes to fade quicker and leave you with dry, uncomfortable skin and hair

A whole-house water conditioner will get rid of minerals before they travel through your plumbing system, reducing these issues. Contact us at 604-205-5448 to schedule an installation.

Elevate pH Max

Elevate pH Max

Elevate pH Max is a water ionizer that offers 8 different pH levels for your drinking water, ranging from 4.0 acidic water to 10.0 alkaline water plus a Super function to achieve extreme pH levels when needed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Direct Disk Ionization (DDI) Technologyâ„¢ does not require numerous plates or membranes and square inches of surface area does not apply, as they do in conventional plate ionization units.
  • Can achieve standard ORP levels at a higher flow rate.
  • A patented constant power output design monitors the TDS level of the source water and automatically adjusts accordingly to maintain a constant pH level.
  • Eco Friendly Technology
  • Designed to operate in low or high TDS areas, even with the TDS is in the thousands.
  • Accidental use of hot water will not harm the unit as there are no membranes.
  • A unique water-cooled power supply allows for continual operation without risk of ever overheating.
  • Easy to read, multicolor LCD control panel keeps track of performance particulars, including total liters produced, life indicators, and pH setting. Each pH setting changes the background color of the LCD panel

Elevate pH Max goes a step beyond regular drinking water to provide extreme levels of hydration. This water ionizer offers 8 different pH levels for your drinking water, ranging from 4.0 acidic water to 10.0 alkaline water, plus a Super function to achieve even higher pH levels.

If you're focused on performing better physically and mentally, Elevate pH Max will take you higher.